Our Construction Phase Plans are designed to be as thorough and complete as possible, whilst making the process of creating them simple and quick.

For many customers this is more than enough, but we wanted to offer the flexibility to include anything specific or unusual that relates to your project. This could be a Risk Assessment for a certain task, a new Method Statement, COSHH sheet or something else entirely that you have been specifically asked for.

With the creation of our new Custom Documents feature you can now add anything you need into the CPP Ohutu creates for you. The best of both worlds!

(Note: This is completely optional, you don't need to add any custom documents if you don't need or want to)

You can choose to add single or multi-page documents (PDFs only) into any or all of the following sections:

Risk Assessments – section F

Method Statements – section G

Data Sheets – section H

Additional Info – Section K

(Note: Your Custom Documents will be appended to the end of the relevant section)

You can do this in Step 4 - Trades, from within the questionnaire. You can add them as part of a new project, or you can edit an existing project and insert them into the current Construction Phase Plan of an ongoing project.

In addition to the usual questions about the trades and tasks you will be using on site, at the bottom of the page is a new section. Custom Documents.

If you click 'Upload PDF Documents' under the appropriate section it will allow you to select one or many PDF documents to be uploaded into that chapter of the CPP.

You'll see a thumbnail image of the first page of each document once it's uploaded to help you see what you'll be including.

There's a maximum combined file size allocation of 15 MB.

You'll see your running total at the bottom of the box. If you go over the limit the system will warn you, and the total file size text will go red.

You'll need to remove a document to be able to upload another. You can remove a document by clicking on the bin icon.

TIP - If you need to create a PDF from a Word document, JPEG image, etc. then you can use this website: PDF Converter

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