This section gives you access to the national emergency numbers for electricity, environment and gas.

It also shows you the nearest hospital that has an A&E department to the site address. This was automatically discovered as part of the Project set up.

There currently isn't a national number for water utility emergencies, which is why as part of the Project set up you get to choose the water supplier at the site.

This is the number which pops up when you tap the emergency button for water.

If you tap the 'Map Directions' button the app will figure out where you are, and decide on the fastest route to the nearest hospital.

You then need to tap 'Start - External'.
This will then offload those directions onto your native phone map app so it can provide you with turn-by-turn directions.

We put a significant amount of time, effort and consideration into developing this feature. We hope you never need to use it.

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