In a similar manner to the Emergency Procedures found in step 2, we provide a long and helpful list of standard site rules.

These are pre-populated for your convenience.
You can delete any that you decide are unnecessary, and add any additional ones of your own.

Just like the Emergency Procedures, any additional site rules you add will also be added into your 'master' Site Rules list. This means that when you set up your next Project, these extra site rules will be pre-populated for you and available in this step without need to retype them.

That's it!

This is the final step. Once you've got to this final section, you confirm that the details are correct and submit your Project. Ohutu then beavers away in the background creating all of your specific, customised documentation.
Just for you, and just for your Project.

Please bear in mind that it may take a minute of two for the system to finish performing its magic! 🌟

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