Here is where you add the nitty gritty of what it is you're going to do on your Project. These questions are essential to enable us to create the correct documentation that allows you to manage your Health & Safety responsibilities on site.

They will be used to create a Site Set Up list for your Project. A list of suggestions to help you set up your site safely.

CDM 2015 Roles

As part of the CDM 2015 regulations, every Project needs to have a Principal Designer and a Principal Contractor assigned to it. Ohutu assigns these roles automatically depending on the information you provide during Project set up. If you want to assign somebody different to either or both of these roles, simply add their detail into these fields.

You can also hit the 'Assign architect' button to instantly move across the details of your Project's architect.
Note: The button only appears if you have already created an architect in Step 1.


Some of the questions in this section refer to the possibility of Asbestos being on site. If there is the possibility, we provide the facility for you to upload an Asbestos survey and also for you to add in any measures you will take.

We'll add in the HSE's leaflet on Asbestos Essentials to your CPP too.

Products you will be using

There is a selection of common products that you may be using on your Project. This is an ever-expanding list of products. When you tick any of them, Ohutu will add in the relevant COSHH report into your CPP for that product. You can then share it with your workers so they are aware of any potential dangers and how to mitigate them.

Where to next?

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