By the time you get to this step, we've already done something very clever in the background. We've taken a look at your site address and we've looked up the nearest hospital to that address which also has an A&E department.

This allows us to not only add these emergency details into your documantion, but to also provide access to this information within the mobile app.

This is very useful as you can imagine. If the unthinkable happens onsite and somebody gets hurt, you open the mobile app, hit the 'Emergency button' and you will be shown driving directions to that hospital.

If you don't want this hospital as your designated emergency location, you can use the dropdown to select another hospital which Ohutu found for you. One of these may be more convenient.

You can also add the address of a different hospital manually if you need to.

Emergency Numbers

We automatically populate the national electricity, gas and environment emergency phone numbers for you. Unfortunately at this time there is no national equivalent for water emergencies.

What we've done instead is provide a list of all of the water suppliers in the UK. You can then simply use the drop down to pick your supplier and we'll add in their phone number for you.

These emergency numbers are available from within the mobile app.

Emergency Procedure

We have helpfully added in a set of standard emergency produces. Feel free to delete any you don't want and add in your own.

Any additional procedures you add will also be added into your 'master' Emergency Procedures list. This means that when you set up your next Project, these extra procedures will be pre-populated for you and available in this step without need to retype them.

This is accessed via your My Account area.

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