This is the first step of gathering the information we need about your Project.

First, we ask whether the Project will be for a commercial or domestic customer.

Why do we ask this?

As part of the CDM 2015 regulations, we need this information so that we can create the correct entries within your documentation for the CDM 2015 roles of Principal Contractor and Principal Designer.
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We will also send you an email after you have created your Project, which you can send on to your client. It contains the information you need to communicate to them about what their role will be as part of the Project.

Next, you get to create a name and a reference for your Project.
These help identify one Project from another. This information is also added into the documentation so you can tell which set of documents are for which Project.

In the example above it breaks down like this:

Project Name / Project Reference / Site Address line 1
Side Extension / OT2019-4 / 13 Acacia Avenue

You then get to add in your client details, and the site address if it's different to the client's.

Now its time to add some important people to the Project. You get the opportunity to add one each of the below:

Site Supervisor
Structural Engineer

You don't need to add them if you don't want to. If you do create them, their details will be available in the mobile app so you can call or email them directly.
Their details will also be entered into the documentation we create for you.

The Site Supervisor will be the person who can log into the mobile app. If you leave this entry blank then you as the administrator will be made the Site Supervisor. You can always change this later.

Where to next?

Project set up Step 2 - Emergency

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