You will be prompted to enter your company information as the initial step when creating your first Project.

We ask for your name, phone number, company name and address.

We also ask for a company logo, although this is optional. We use your logo to customise how your 'My Projects' screen looks and we also add it into the documentation we create on your behalf.

Why? It looks great, and it means that it's customised just for you. Your clients and the HSE will love it.

It's not a generic set of documentation, its specific to your business, your client and your project.

You can also upload your Health & Safety Policy (if you have one), your Employers' Liability Insurance document and your Public Liability Insurance document.

These documents aren't compulsory, although we highly recommend that you upload your ELI and PLI documents. They will be added into your Display Documents.

If you don't add your Health & Safety Policy don't worry, we'll create one for you!

Where to next?

Project set up Step 1 - Overview

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